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Raymond Dressler, Construction Sub-Code Official;
 Courtney Dowson, Principal Clerk;
Sylvia Gerou, Principal Clerk;
Kathy Forkins, Controller;
Tim Hetzel, Fire Sub-Code Official;
Russell Hall, Plumbing Sub-Code Official;
Dan Mairella, Construction Inspector;
John Lane, Assistant Construction Code Official &
Electrical Sub-Code Official


Building  Department




Telephone:  201-529-5757 ext. 5
Fax:  201-512-0537 
Open 8:00 am to 4:00pm
Monday - Friday




Why do I need a permit? This is the most frequently question asked.  The permit process is designed to assure that the work you are performing meets the minimum standard for safety.  The inspectors are all licensed professionals whose purpose and goal is to make sure the work you do does not endanger you in anyway.  The codes are very complicated and on minimal standards that deal with living and working environments. 


Certification of Occupancy

The Township of Mahwah does not require a Certificate of Occupancy for a resale or tenant rental. However, the State of New Jersey requires by Section N.J. A.C. 5:70-2.3 of the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Safety Act a  Smoke Detector Certification.  This certification requires smoke detectors on every level, carbon monoxide detectors outside all bedrooms and a 2A:10B:C fire extinguisher.  ( See Fire Prevention Bureau for Fire Code compliance)

This application must be filled out at the Building Department in the Municipal building at 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J.  07430.  The fee is $80.00; an appointment for the inspection will be scheduled at that time. Inspections are between 7:30am to 9:00 am Monday thru Friday.


Permit Applications

Permit applications can be downloaded from our website,(building, electrical, plumbing, fire, and framing checklist) but a manila jacket must be filed with the applications and this must be obtained from the Building Department.   Construction Permit Chart shows what permits are needed for each project.  If you have a project and are not sure it needs a permit, call the Building Department .  Do not assume it does not need a permit even if it is not on the list, or your neighbor or contractor says it does not. Doing work without permits and inspections can be a hazard to your health and safety of your family. In addition penalties can be issued.


Permit Process


After the permit is submitted to the Building Department, if required, it is forwarded to the Zoning Department for review and the Soil permit is reviewed by the Town Engineer.  After the Zoning Department approves the permit, it is submitted to all building inspectors -- Building, Electric, Plumbing and Fire, for approval.  The building inspectors' approvals can take up to 20 days.  Not until all approvals are made can the permit be picked up and paid for.


 Construction work must be inspected in accordance with the Uniform Construction Code Regulations N.J. A.C. 5:23-2.18.  The agency will carry out such periodic inspections during the progress of work as necessary to insure that work installed conforms with the approved plans and the requirements of the Uniform Construction Code. The owner or other responsible person in charge of work must notify this agency when work is ready for any inspections.   A final inspection is required for each applicable subcode area before a final Certificate of Occupancy or approval can be issued.  As a homeowner, we strongly suggest you do not pay the final payment for the job until there is verification that the final inspections were made.  This can be confirmed by calling the Building Department.  Raymond Dressler, Construction Official ext. 241 Daniel Mairella, Building Inspector ext.237 John Lane, Electric Subcode Official ext. 239 Russel Hall, Plumbing Subcode Official ext. 236 Tim Hetzel, Fire Subcode Official ext 240 Mike Roe, Fire Inspector ext.275 Kathy Forkins, Control Person ext. 233 Courtney Dowson, Principal Clerk ext. 235 Sylvia Gerou, Principal Clerk ext. 284

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