The Department of Administration functions as the catalyst and conduit for interaction with all of the departments, our residents and property owners. All complaints and concerns of the public are processed through the administrative offices.

The Department of Administration manages the Division of Human Resources, the Division of Finance, the Division of Engineering, and is responsible for the basic day-to-day policy implementation for an effective governmental service unit.


The Department of Administration is under director control of the Mayor's office. The Business Administrator, who is the Chief Administrative Officer, is in charge with the direct day-to-day administrative control of the Township.

Financial Duties

The Division of Finance within the Office of Administration is responsible for the management of the Township fiscal affairs including:

  • The investment of funds
  • Maintenance of financial records within the Bureau of Treasury by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • The assessment of real property by the Tax Assessor within the Bureau of Assessment
  • The collection of taxes by the Tax Collector in the Bureau of Collections.

The annual budget is prepared by the Mayor with the assistance of the Office of Administration. The Business Administrator functions as the coordinator and liaison between the Mayor and Council to all the various departments and appointed professionals and is responsible for insuring a smooth and efficient operation.