Live Meetings Video

Township Council, Planning Board and Board of Adjustment meetings are streamed live on line and on cable television on Mahwah Community News (Cablevision Channel 78 and FIOS Channel 33).  Video archives of meetings are available at the links below. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings are also available on Zoom which allows the public to participate as well as watch.  Links to Zoom meetings are published on the agenda for the meeting.   Click here to go to the Agenda Center.

The Mayor and Council are committed to utilize this video streaming technology to create a stronger internet presence and provide transparency that enhances open government. Live broadcasts give viewers immediate access to the meeting as it occurs, while archived, video-on-demand provides community members with the opportunity to watch recorded meetings at their convenience.

See the links below to access archived and live meetings on Swagit

Meetings also stream live on Mahwah Community News on Cablevision Channel 78 and FIOS Channel 33.