On July 17, 2022, a rabid raccoon was recovered from the vicinity of Walsh Drive in Mahwah after an altercation with a family pet.

We are advising you of this incident to underscore the importance of keeping your pets’ rabies vaccinations up to date and, to encourage you to keep yourself and your pets a safe distance from wildlife. If you see any suspicious wildlife activity, please call the Mahwah Police Department non-emergency number at (201) 529-1000 or TYCO Animal Control at (201) 560-9460. Please also ensure your pet dogs and cats are properly licensed. (Contact the Municipal Clerk’s office 201-529-5757. Ext. 231)

State law requires that all animal bites and scratches be reported within twelve hours to the local Health Department in the municipality where the exposure occurs. The law includes reporting to your Health Department even if you are bitten by your own pet.

Please remember once symptoms of rabies develop, there is no effective treatment, and the disease is always fatal. Fortunately, post-exposure rabies treatment is effective in preventing rabies, if given in a timely manner following exposure to a rabid animal.

If you have any questions pertaining to the transmission of rabies or a potential exposure, you are encouraged to call the Mahwah Health Department at 201-529-5757, option 2.