V.E.R.S.A. (Volunteer Emergency Responder Supporters and Advocates)

About Us

Who We Are

VERSA is a newly formed support system for all Mahwah emergency responders.  VERSA's mission is to assist them with fundraising, emergency responder recruitment, and community outreach regarding fire and emergency medical safety awareness.  Tasks include fundraising events, assist with new member recruitment efforts, and community outreach and safety.

About You

Volunteers Needed

Will you step up and help the heroes who answer the call in an emergency?  You won't run into a burning building, or be there to save a life, but now you can help those who do!  Do you like to plan fun events that will engage with the community and have some fun?  Maybe you are a novice graphic designer or social media guru.  No matter what your skill set, you can help and we want you to join us. 

How Can V.E.R.S.A Give Back To Our Volunteer Heroes?


Help organize events like an annual BBQ, "An Evening for Our Heroes" banquet, bingo night, an annual "Our heroes calendar" and more.


Launch website and social media campaigns, hang flyers, assist with fire safety activities and create informative materials and more.

Community Outreach

Assist with fire prevention week, host CPR events, host emergency responder appreciation events, create an escape plan drawing contest for kids and more


  1. Kim Bolan

    Council Member