Why should I place my home on the Historic Element of the Township Code?

It is an acknowledgement from the Township that your property/structure is valued by the Township. It helps tell the story of our community, as it represents an architectural style, historic time period or event. There is a good feeling to restoring and preserving the property for future generations. If you purchased an historic home, you understand the uniqueness of your home and the importance of carrying this piece of the past forward into our future.

Purpose of the Committee

Just 50 years ago, Mahwah was largely a rural farming community. Today, it is a busy, growing suburb with only vestiges of its rural past existing in small pockets around the Township. Placement of your home on the Historic Element of the Township Code ensures its historic character will be preserved for future generations. Years from now, it is likely that only those homes that were placed on the ordinance will remain much the same as they are today.

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1. What Township ordinance established the Historic Preservation Commission?
2. How do I know if my home or other structure is "historic" and qualifies to be placed on the Township ordinance as an "historic landmark"?
3. If I want to protect my historic house, what do I need to do?
4. How do I research the history of my house?
5. What documentation do I need to prove that my house is historic?
6. What resources are available?
7. If I list my property/structure on the Historic Element of the Municipal Code as an historic site, does that mean that I cannot change anything in/on it?
8. Why should I place my home on the Historic Element of the Township Code?
9. Is there any tax incentive or financial benefit to listing my house on the ordinance?