Can a master HVACR contractor install an electrical disconnect?

No. A licenced master HVAC contractor may not replace a disconnect box or disconnect switch.

N.J.A.C. 13:32A 10  Applicable to replacement cases only, the connection of the wiring from an equiptment service disconnect box of adequate size to accomodate pneumatic and or direct digital controls and control piping of automatic oil, gas, coal burning, or any other product of combustion equipment, mechanical refrigeration equipment, gasoline, or diesel oil dispensing equipment previously dedicated to that equipment as long as:   

  • Heating or cooling capacity of each piece of equipment is 25 ton or less
  • Voltage of the system is 240 or less
  • the connection of the wiring is performed according to all relevant provisions of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code

Any other work must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor

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