Can I subdivide my property?

The Schedule of Area, Bulk and Yard Requirements provides the information regarding minimum lot areas, coverage and yard setback requirements.

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1. What types of business can I operate on my property?
2. Where can I find the Township Master Plan?
3. Can I subdivide my property?
4. As a property owner with public sidewalks, what are my responsibilities for removing snow?
5. I am planning to have a garage sale. Do I need a permit? Where can I post signs?
6. I am planning to put in a new driveway. Are there permits I need to obtain?
7. Is there a limit to how many trees I can cut down on my property? Is a permit necessary?
8. Is there an ordinance requiring all residents to maintain their lawns? If so, what is required?
9. Where can I find which Zone is a property in?
10. How can I find the Zoning Schedule for Yard Requirements for a property?
11. How can I find the District Use Regulation for each Zone?
12. Where can I find information about fences?
13. What is the difference between an Accessory Structure and Shed?